Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on My BTR Show…But I Didn’t Laugh

I had a wonderful guest set to interview about her Young Adult novel, Final WD Cover‘Werewolf Dreams’, M.M. Anderson. She was ready and willing to share trivia about her current novel and talk about her upcoming sequel in the series, Werewolf Love.

She had a prepared excerpt from the new novel introducing the newest nemesis of the title character Seamus, a New City cop, that she read for us. Very enjoyable!

Obviously Maria is a wonderful writer as you can find out for yourself by visiting her site where you can read the first chapter of ‘Werewolf Dreams’.

She wrote the book in honor of her father’s spirit and based the main character on her father:
LP: What inspired you to write “Werewolf Dreams”?
M.M. Anderson: My father was a New York City police officer. He was a handsome, baby-faced, hairy-chested, former middleweight boxer who had a witty-playful sense of humor, whose principles were honor, courage , and commitment. My dad adored his family, hated bullies, and he believed that kindness is too often confused with weakness. In 1992 my dad was off duty when he happened upon a robbery in progress at a Radio Shack in Manhattan. He came to the aide of the store manager and customers, but sadly was killed in an ensuing gun battle. Being an author, I wanted to write a tribute to my dad. However, for a long while everything I penned came across as final and morose. For me my dad will always be very much alive, in my heart and in my actions. So I decided to honor my dad’s spirit. I made him an undead werewolf, and Seamus was born. 

She even explained how she came to write Young Adult novels: 

LP: You are a young adult author. Did you choose this genre or did it choose you? 

M.M. Anderson: The genre chose me. When I first began sending Werewolf Dreams out to agents and publishers I assumed it was an adult novel, since there’s a whole lot of humorous gore in my book. I was, however, told that my situations and characters were “too wholesome” to be adult and either I should add more “titillating” situations or it was suggested that I explore YA. So glad I listened to that sage advise. I was able to keep my story in tact, and YA brought me into contact with an audience that’s so wonderfully full of enthusiasm. I’m here (YA) to stay!
Unfortunately, I was working with a new Blog Talk Radio switchboard that I had never used and consequently botched the opening of the show. At the start of the show all you hear is Maria and me chatting and then discussing what I was used to hearing to begin the show. Very unprofessional…enough so that after the program I hid under my desk in embarrassment.
 Maria at brillo-1
Maria, of course handled the rest of the show with the grace of the pro she is.
I finally came out, dusted myself off and am going to try again. My next program is scheduled for 7/25 (more on that later). I hopefully have learned my lesson regarding the updated switchboard. With any luck I won’t fall victim to to other gaffes.

Please go to the site for Werewolf Dreams and read more about the characters in 'Werewolf Dreams’, the next novel in the series, ‘Werewolf Love’ and her upcoming events.

Maria, please accept my apologies for the first few minutes of the show : (


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  1. Yikes! How frightening to pop open one's BlogTalk Radio switchboard and see a whole new and different set of switches and buttons! I've enjoyed watching you over this past year because you are an Innovator, and leader in a new vibrant publishing world...But now I like watching you lead the way because of your candor and 'Press On!' attitude...going now to check out your guest's books!