Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ghost Stories and the Unexplained by Emily Hill #Halloween #ShortStories #BookTrailer

Imagine you hear the sound of chains dragging heavily down the long hallway of your parent's home after they have left for work. The chains clank as they become tangled coming over the threshold from The Beyond. As you stand terrified, a translucent image begins to take shape -- you instantly recognize the manifestation as your grandfather who has passed over. His specter roams the house, one room at a time, through the living room and each bedroom, seemingly unaware of your existence. Is he reassuring himself that the family he's left behind is secure?
On your sixteenth birthday you hold the clammy fingertips of your classmates at a slumber party, having waited until midnight to summon the power of The Ouija. Your friends gasp as the candles that throw shadows across the room flicker and the lens into The Other World begins to sweep across the board.
You don't think these occurrences could ever happen? Think again. Because they do happen; and they have happened to me. I remember each incident vividly.
This is a collection of contemporary ghost stories that recount my own experiences with The Unexplained supernatural occurrences in my life.
If you like this collection, I'll write more of...'Ghost Stories...And The Unexplained'.
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Ghost Stories And The Unexplained ~ NOW Available on Kindle and Nook...and iTunes through Smashwords.

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